Florala FBC, Clear Springs merge

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, March 2, 2010

“And the two shall become as one” was the scripture on everyone’s mind in the Florala First Baptist Church community as its congregation joined with that of Clear Springs Baptist Church in Paxton, Fla.

“Typically, when you hear that particular piece of scripture, a wedding is taking place,” said FBC member Sandra Cobb. “And in Acts 2, the scripture talks of being of one mind and one accord.

“In these times of waste everywhere you look, our two churches in this little portion of the panhandle of Florida and Alabama decided to do both,” she said. “Most of the time the only thought in churches’ mind is to split or to build a bigger building and go into debt when problems arise. But not these two body of believers.”

Cobb said Clear Springs Baptist was rapidly running out of room and needed to build but the cost was “just astronomical.”

“On the flip side, Florala had lost its pastor and had also begun to be swallowed up by their huge building,” she said.

Cobb said both churches sought “the Lord for His will” and came up with a solution. On Feb. 7, the two churches merged as one, meeting for the first time in the Florala FBC building.

“During the morning worship service, Florala First Baptist called as their pastor, Brother Charlie Lennard and his wife Linda,” she said. “Then the invitation was given for salvation or joining of the church at which time approximately 61 members came forward and joined Florala First Baptist.”

Cobb said Sunday’s attendance was not only marked with 125 in attendance for Sunday school and but also more than 170 for the worship service. Services were followed by dinner, provided by FBC.

“Both congregations, now one body of believers marching forward in the Army of God in this community, were elated and so richly blessed to be together as one body,” she said. “The choir of some 38 members provided special music resulting in a standing ovation – God so blessed us all.”