AJWC takes audience back to era of big hair

Published 11:56 pm Friday, March 12, 2010

Johnny Duggan moon-walked on to the Red Garter Review stage last night to co-host the Andalusia Junior Woman Club’s “Totally Tubular” 80s event.

Wearing a black tux with red accents and black hightop tennis shoes, he and co-host Amy Dugger said they were “totally products of the 80s.”

“It was a decade of big hair and acid-washed jeans,” Dugger recalled.

Duggan said, “I wanted to be Don Johnson.”

The Red Garter audience heard lots of 80s music, and saw such 80s icons as the cast of “Designing Women” and Saturday Night Live’s “church lady” on stage.

Kim Baumgartner, Tara Dalton, MaryAnn Johnson, Julie Kyzar and Jennifer Taylor spoofed the “Designing Women” cast, and discussed decorating for “clients” that included the Burkhardts, Meryane Murphy (“Yes, Mrs. Murphy, if you build it, we’ll dance”), and ADC.

“They need some decorating,” said one.

“Suzane” took out a pistol.

“Every time I go over there I feel like I’m on the set of ‘In the Heat of the Night,’ ” she said.

Circuit Clerk Roger Powell, a perennial RGR favorite, donned a lavender skirt and jacket ensemble and a blonde-ish gray wig to spoof SNL’s “church lady” and interview and reprimand such “guests” as South Carolina Go. Mark Sanford, Sen. John Edwards and Tiger Woods.

“I was a major player in the 80s,” the “church lady” said, adding that she took on Jimmy Swaggart, Jimmy Baker, and Jimmy Carter.

“They all had lust in their hearts,” she said. “And in their naughty parts … Isn’t that special?”

The RGR dancers performed to an 80s montage of music that included “Thriller,” “I Love Rock N Roll,” “and “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” When they finished, Duggan quipped, “If any of those girls need a car, they can come on out to Massey and take a test drive … I always service what I sell.”

This year’s dancers were Tara Dalton, Lindsey DuBose, Toka Jackson, Katie King, Angie Miller, Heather Mount, Summer Reaves, Lindsey Dubose, Susan Theus, Lesley Thorn and Megan Weant.

Not to be outdone, the male dancers, known as the Ritz Crackers, including Ben Bowden, Wade Cotton, Jeffrey Douglas, Jeff Hopkins, Chris Jones, Parrish King, Joey Langley, Walt Merrell, Scott Riley and Steve Thomas, also danced to a medley of 80s tunes that concluded with “Bad to the Bone.” Some were “bad to the bone.” Others were just plain bad.

“I think Jeff Hopkins might could get a job as a male dancer down as Cash’s,” Duggan said. “But my boss man Joey (Langley) looked like he was feeding chickens.”

When Ted Watson performed Brian Adams’ 1985 hit “Heaven,” Dugger recalled that when then-coach Watson showed up at Andalusia High School, “us girls thought he was a little piece of heaven.”

The 1980s was a decade in which Covington County made the New York Times and other national news publications when then-Florala Mayor sprinkling “voodoo powder” around city hall and later stood on the courthouse steps at midnight to proclaim “National Voodoo Week,” Dugger reminded the crowd.

Mathis was charged with incompetence and crimes of moral turpitude for pardoning 100 traffic offenders, including 27 drunken drivers, in Florala.

“Sounds like a pretty good fella to me,” Duggan said. “I’ve needed him a time or two.”

Other vocal performances included Wade Cotton, Katie King, Shelly Nall and Tambry Nix performing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin;” Nix performing Brian Adams’ “Alone;” Julie Bass McDonald performing Brian Adams’ “I do it for you;” Brian Capps, Richard Jackson, Robert Jackson, Jason Jewell, Tripp Bass and Scott Rogers performing The Eagles’ “Seven Bridges Road;” and The III Divas – Sonia Crigger, Paula Sue Duebelt, Ronda Ricks and Angela Sanders – who performed two numbers from “Menopause” the musical.

Amy Henderson and Brian Doty danced a ballroom fusion to “Tainted Love.”

Missing from the Red Garter stage was another favorite, Buford Nerdley. Dugger and Duggan said they spoke with Nerdley this week, and that he “was in Mississippi with Tiger Woods.”

Nerdley’s favorite stories from the 80s, they said, was whent he dog catcher shot a councilman’s dog and when the Post Office designated the parking places fartherest from the door “handicapped” parking.

Terri Jewell chaired the event and was assisted by Sarah Sightler.