Bentley understands Alabama’s issues

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 13, 2010

When I read about the state government recently, all I seem to see is coverage of the bingo debate. I rarely see any coverage of other things that are going on in our state government. That is why I was happy to see a news broadcast that shined light on a very positive thing that happened in Montgomery and it showed me that our legislators are focused on other things besides gambling in Montgomery.

Dr. Robert Bentley, member of the Alabama State House of Representatives and 2010 Republican candidate for governor, introduced the Re-employment Act of 2010 last week and that piece of legislation passed unanimously in the House. The bill will put more than 5,000 unemployed Alabamians backs to work by providing tax deductions to companies who hire unemployed Alabamians.

I am personally glad to see that Dr. Bentley was able to get every member of the House of Representatives, regardless of party affiliation, to focus on a solution for Alabama’s biggest problem, unemployment. That shows that he truly understands the real issues that affect our State and that he has the leadership skills and respect of the Legislature that is needed to get a unanimous vote on a great piece of legislation in Montgomery. That is the kind of positive, unifying action that we need from a governor and that is why Bentley would make a great governor of Alabama.


Ethan Henley