Health is ‘exceptional’

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Opp High School’s health science department received its Business and Industry Certification.

BIC recognizes exceptional programs within the career and technical education field and certifies to the community that a program meets business and industry standards.

“We are very proud of the job Mrs. (Tina) Bradley is doing and it is our hope to continue to expand this program and provide even greater opportunities for our students,” OCS Superintendent Michael Smithart said. “We started the Health Science program after looking at the potential for employment in this area and we hope that earning Business Industry Certification signals to potential employers that our students are participating in a quality program.”

Bradley said that students in grades nine through 12 who enter the program complete a three-step program that consists of a foundations course, which teaches the basics of health care; human body and structure function, which she said is an overview of an anatomy class and the final step is a clinical class in which the students actually get to go the two hospitals and a wellness center.

“The students all get their CPR certification,” she said. “We also cover a basic anatomy and overall health care system and they work to understand hierarchy in the hospital. We also talk about long-term care, which includes nursing homes and assisted living, and we do an overview of legal and ethical issues.”

Bradley said the program is lecture paired with demonstration and hands-on learning.

“It’s not your average classroom,” she said. “Our lab is set up like a hospital and they learn basic health care skills, CPR and how to check vital signs. They also assist with KidCheck and we are having a LifeSouth blood drive on Thursday.”

Bradley said she currently has some 60 students enrolled in the program and has seen some 120 students go through the program in the two years she has been at OHS.

“The program itself has only been around for three years,” she said. “Getting this certification is right on schedule. BIC means that we are business and industry certified that we meet the requirements of career and technical in the health science field.”

Some of the requirements include following curriculum, adequate lesson plans and sufficient equipment to teach the program.