FBC to host Jews for Jesus

Published 12:00 am Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter is just around the corner and one local church is working to give its congregation a unique experience.

The First Baptist Church of Andalusia will have Igor Barbanel of Jews for Jesus in service at 6 p.m. Sun., March 28, and the congregation will have the opportunity to take part in an actual Jewish Passover meal.

“With Easter season coming along, we wanted to bring in Jews for Jesus because the crucifixion and resurrection all took place during Passover,” First Baptist Church Pastor Fred Karthaus said. “It all took place during Holy Week, and we wanted to let people understand more about what was going on.”

Karthaus said that since not everyone understands what Passover really means for the Jewish nation, he wanted to bring Jews for Jesus to the church so the congregation could take part and gain a better understanding.

“Not everyone realized what it meant for the Jewish nation, and all of the prophecy that comes from the practice of the Passover meal and that was the reason for bringing him,” he said. “We will have them here for our entire Palm Sunday night service. Basically, he will have the entire service to walk us through a traditional Jewish Passover meal. We’ll have bread, bitter herbs and other things typical of a traditional meal.

“I hope that the congregation gains a better understanding of the Jewish roots of Christianity and a deeper understanding of the sacrifice Jesus made. I hope in the process it will create a more meaningful Easter service.”

Karthaus said he has attended several of these presentations and encourages all to attend.

“I have been to these presentations before. Every time I have attended one of these, it has been a unique opportunity for worship. I encourage anyone looking for a unique worship opportunity to come out and join us.”