Land transactions for the week of March 4-10

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 27, 2010

The following is a listing of land transactions recorded at the Covington County Courthouse during the week of March 4-10:

Estate of Ruby Nocak Sanders, George Scott Sanders/Co Pers Rep and Thomas Edward Sanders/Co Pers Rep to George Scott Sanders and Thomas Edward Sanders

Benedict Fern to House Family Farms LLC

Christine and Stuart J. Viator A/I/F to Equity Trust Company Custodian FBO William K. Parrish IRA

Nano Materials Manufacturing Machines LLC to John R. Monical III

Melanie Elliott to Jacqueline and John E. Davis

Thomas Aaron Bolan and Spurlin Leasing LTD to George Jeffrey Davis

David and Sheila D. Moye to Troy R. Brown

Lillian and Preston Hughes to Cami and Michael King

Charles H. Lembke to Eleanor Miller

Alfred Perrett Revocable Trust, James Lee Perrett/Trustee and John H. Perrett/Trustee to Becky Courson and Dennis H. Courson

Laura P. Wells and R. Daniel Wells to Tara C. Harden

Harold and Lelia Capps Gebhard to Frances and Nancy Dsilva

Steven J. Clark to Erin and Steven J. Clark

Dennie and Sarah McIntosh to Charlotte and Jimmy R. Lunsford

Lee D. Sullivan to Charlee S. Dunn

Homesales Inc. to Amanda Bales, Kenney Bales and Kevin L. Bales

Rush Oil Company Inc. to L. P. Rush Oil & Gas Co. Inc. and R. L. Lennon Oil and Gas Co., Inc.

Janice and Thomas D. Grissett to Erin and Joseph M. Caldwell

Associated Trust Company NA/Trustee and C. M. Jackson Educational Trust to Keith Rick, Jr. Michelle Rick and Collette Rick.

Frank King to Shane Pridgen

Mozelle K. Lehman and Sylvia K. McAdams to Hammond and Sylvia K. McAdams Living Trust, Hammond W. McAdams/Trustee and Sylvia K. McAdams/Trustee

Althea Courson to Howard S. Rhoades