Growing Season: Profile 2010

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When Andalusia Mayor Earl Johnson listed for us a minimum of $100M in infrastructure and business investments to be completed here over the next 24 months, we knew we had chosen the right theme for this year’s Profile edition, “The Growing Season.”

Said Covington County’s own economic developer, Tucson Roberts, “We’ve got some reasons to be very positive.”

From the filled-to-the brim new facility of Vector Aerospace, which they are about to outgrow – to the home of  Wright Brothers, where brothers Mel and Nate have stumbled on to an amazing opportunity to recycle shipping containers as temporary housing, there are great stories in our community.

We were inspired, and we hope you will be, too, when you pick up your newspaper today.

Here’s a list of some of the people we interviewed.

Ronnie Kearns

Alan and Eddie Williamson

Mel and Nate Wright

Matthew Perry

Mark Dooley

Dr. Hejal Patel

Gene Wiggins

Russell Wiggins

Mary Alyce Outlaw

Josh Wilson

Bill Henley

Eric Nelson

Thelma Glisson

Jolene …Boyington

Tommy Adams

Ali Brown

Amber Anderson

Nate Mack

J.C. Adams

Cody Davis

Cale Mancill

Allie Williams

Jonathon Brown

Maia O’Reilly

Grant Patterson

Mason Adams

Sydney Ward

Nick Nolen

Nichole Torres

Emily and Bailey Hammett

Alma Caffey, Daniel Caffey and Megan Maxey

Danielle Kyser

Earl Johnson

Tucson Roberts