There are issues too important for politics

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reading the news Tuesday afternoon, a phrase caught my eye – “issues too important for politics.”

It was used in an Associated Press wire story about an autism rally held earlier in the afternoon where about 180 people stood in front of the Alabama Statehouse urging lawmakers to continue funding for programs and services to help children and adults with autism.

The crowd also included Republican state Rep. Cam Ward of Alabaster and Democratic Lt. Gov Jim Folsom Jr. The two politicians, who led efforts last year to pass a bill establishing an interagency council to coordinate services available for autistic Alabama residents, urged the crowd to make sure the state continues to give priority to helping people with autism. Folsom said the effort includes all parties because “some issues are too important for politics.”

I would agree with that statement, not just about services for those with autism and other disabilities, but also about health care in general.

Also on Tuesday, President Barack Obama signed into law changes to a massive health insurance reform bill that I do not understand, and the more I read about, the more I get confused.

One such changed included in Tuesday’s legislation was a restructuring of the way the government handles student loans.

Now, I want someone to tell me what student loans have to do with health care?

As someone who is stilling paying Uncle Sam for my college education, I applaud the president’s effort to save me money in regards to my student loan – if and when that happens.

On the flip side, whether it’s in the form of increased health insurance premiums or what, I really think that some how, some way shape or form, this measure is going to end up costing me money.

And it makes me worry that I don’t understand how this piece of legislature works, what it means to my family, and me and to the American people as a whole.

Last week, Vice President Joe Biden was caught on mic saying health care is a “big f**ing deal.” He’s right, but my daddy always said, “You got to know what you’re buying into.” In hindsight, he was probably speaking in terms of a new Angus bull, but the same principle can be applied to this health care bill.

If you – the American government – want me – a.k.a. any U.S. citizen – to buy into this whole universal health care system, explain it in terms that anyone can understand, because this is one of those situations where it’s an issue to important for politics.