Nearly 1,000 attend Hoedown

Published 3:14 am Friday, April 2, 2010

Some 1,000 people from all across the southeast attended the 15th annual Homespun Country Hoedown Thursday.

The event, which is sponsored by the Andalusia Leisure Services’ Adult Activity Center brought crowds from as far away as Anniston.

Adult Activities Center coordinator Dianne Jones said she thought the event went well.

“Everyone seemed to enjoy it, especially since we didn’t have it last year,” she said.

Last year’s event was canceled due to incle-ment weather.

Mayor Earl Johnson, Director of Leisure Services Dwight Mikel and Jones kicked things off with the opening ceremonies.

“Ron Taylor and Friends,” Comedian Kelley Shepherd and impersonator Alva Lambert entertained event-goers.

If good entertainment wasn’t enough, there were plenty of contests to enter.

There was a Mr. and Mrs. Hoedown competition, in which Larry Avery and Annie Locke won.

Ella Johnson took home the first place prize in the hog-calling contest; Larry Avery and Linda Henderson won the “High Stepping, Knee Slapping, Toe Tapping” dance contest.

BJ Jones took home top honors in the “Cotton Pickin’ Cookie Contest.”

A prize was also given to the group leader who traveled the farthest and the group leader who brought the largest group.

Winners were Carol Bush from Randolph Park Senior Adults, who traveled 235 miles one-way to the event, and Jan Bowers, who brought 86 people with her from Andalusia Manor.

Local vendors were also set up around the event for the annual Hoedown Trade Day, which included costume jewelry, hospice services, hair bows, T-shirts and political groups.

Those in attendance had the opportunity to win door prizes ranging from a grill and gift cards to a variety of gift baskets.