Gomillion family established cemetery

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 3, 2010

Today’s column will be a continuation of the Gomillion family descendants beginning with the grandchildren of John Clinton Gomillion, third son of Bartlett M. Gomillion who was the ancestor who brought the family to Covington County.

Their oldest daughter, Ophelia Gomillion, was married to John D. Williams, and they reared the following children: Travis T., b. 1894, d. 1969; Emmet L., b. ca 1895; Della, b. 1899; and John Anderson, b. 1902, m. Marie ?.

The second daughter, Frances Emma Gomillion, was married in 1896 to Robert Kelley (1873-1929). They reared the following children: Julius C., b. 1898; Mary F., b. 1899; John S., b. 1902, d. 1936; General Jackson, b. 1903, d. 1958; Etta B., b. 1905; and Robert V., b. 1907.

The next daughter, Iona Gomillion, was married to James A. Williams (1862-1951), son of Bill Williams. They appear to have lived in the Red Level area and reared the following children: John Allen, b. 1892, d. 1944, m. Allie ?; Mary E., b. 1894; William Leonard, b. 1894, d. 1946; James Curtis, b. 1898; Mildred, b. 1900; Fannie Bell, b. 1901, d. 1943, m. O.L. Harris; Louise B., b. 1906; Eva B., b. 1908; and McCree, b. 1910, d. 1946.

John Clinton’s oldest son, John T., was married in 1900 to Sally H. Caton (1876-1963). John T. was described as being tall, stout, with blue eyes and light hair. They lived near his sister, Ophelia Gomillion Williams, and her family. After John T.’s death, Sally moved to Texas to be with her children, but she and John T. were buried in the Fairmount Cemetery in Red Level at their deaths. They reared the following children: Ruth Vera, b. 1901, m. ? Prentiss; Otis, b. 1902, m. Ruth ?; John T. Jr., b. 1904, d. 1932, single; Bascal B., b. 1906, d. 1947; Alison D., b. 1908, d. 1948; and Ingram M., b. 1911, d. 1970.

The next son, (Alexander ?) Hicks Cook Gomillion, was married to his relative, Elva Gomillion (1886-1939), daughter of Frank and Dalilah (Thompson) Gomillion. They eventually lived in the Jay, Fla. area, and at their deaths were buried in the Cora Cemetery. They reared the following 14 children: Claude, b. 1904; Bonnie, b. 1908; Early, b. 1908; Vivian, b. 1913; Cecil, b. 1915; Royce, b. 1917, d. 1991; Ruth M., b. 1917; Lila Gray, b. 1918, d. 2001; Frank W., b. 1921; Elva, b. 1923; Audrie E., b. 1924; Jerald W., b. 1925; Wacks R., b. 1927; and Sadie Fay, b.&d. 1928.

John Clinton’s next son, Millard Warren Gomillion, was married to Leota Cox (1896-1989). In some records, Millard was described as being of medium build and having brown eyes and dark hair. He and Leota resided in Covington County and reared the following three children: John V., b. 1916, d. 1985; James W., b. 1918; and Marvin Amos, b. 1920, d. 1923.

John Clinton’s son, Herbert G. Gomillion was married to Mary Jane Kervin (1878-1958), daughter of Jim and Mary (Ballard) Kervin. When he registered for WW I, Herbert was a farmer in Red Level and was described as being of short and stout in stature and having gray eyes and black hair. He and Mary Jane lived in the Red Level area and had one child, Johnnie, born in 1916.

John Clinton’s daughter, Sarah Gomillion, was married to William Beesley, a large and prominent family in the Red Level community. They had a son, Leon, b. 1923, d. 1968.

John Clinton’s daughter, Lucy Alabama Gomillion, was married to Floyd L. Clark.

They reared the following six children: Ethel Grey, b. 1912; Jewel, b. 1914; Bryon Lewis, b. 1918; Daisy M., b. 1921; Homer, b. 1924; and Sonny, b. 1929.

At this point, some of the descendants in the next generation will be outlined.

The first listed is the family of Mollie Hudson, daughter of Frances Abigail (Gomillion) and James G. Hudson.

Frances was the oldest child of Francis M. “Bud” Gomillion, son of Bartlett M. Gomillion, the earliest Gomillion in Covington County.

Mollie and George Augusta Baldwin reared the following children: Mammie Y., b. 1898; Jesse E., b. 1899; Georgia E., b. 1903; and Annie M., b. 1905.

Mollie’s brother, Joseph H. Hudson, was married to Annie S. Crum. When he registered for WW I, he was 28 years old, living in McKenzie, farming for himself, and was described as being tall and stout with blue eyes and red hair.

He and Annie reared the following children: Perry Leon, b. 1910, d. 1939; Grady W., b. 1913, d. 1988; Leola, b. 1915; Lois, b. 1917; Bernice, b. 1920; John P., b. 1924; and Voncile, b. 1926.

Andrew Jackson Gomillion was the next child of Francis M. “Bud” Gomillion. His daughter, Gracie Pauline Gomillion, was married in 1903 to John Perry Beasley (1886-1981). Gracie and John reared the following three children: Stella D. Beasley, b. 1909, d. 1996, single; Obia, b. 1911, d. 1994; and Terry.

Stella is remembered for her management of the Beasley Meat Packing Company in Andalusia, located at the top of Deveraux Hill on the east side.

Andrew Jackson’s next child, Thaddeus Jackson Gomillion, was married to Irene Lee (1898-1968). When he registered for WWI, Thaddeus was 23 years old and self-employed in Brooks. He was single and claimed exemption for being crippled. He was described as being of medium height and having blue eyes and dark brown hair. He and Irene had the following children: Infant, b.&d., 1918; Johnnie Mae, b. 1919, m. ? Browder; Infant, b.&d. 1922; Ena Lois, b. 1925, m. ? McCarter; Thaddeus Jackson Jr., b. 1927; Infant, b.&d. 1929; and Infant, b.&d. 1930.

James B. Gomillion was the second son of Henry C. Gomillion, the second oldest son of Bartlett M. Gomillion. James B.’s son, James Hix Gomillion was married first to Ida J. Berry, and they had the following children: Infant; Lucy, b. 1904, d. 1970; James Robert, b. 1904, d. 1991, m. Ethie ?; John Henry, b. 1907, d. 1974; and Lorena, b. 1909, d. 1985. James Hix was married second to Lillar Harrolson, daughter of Samuel Harrolson.

They had the following children: Hix Elbert, b. 1912, d. 1977; Elvin, b. 1915, d. 1988, m. Sara Elizabeth ?; Ruby Lee, b. 1919, d. 1965, m. ? Mock; and Eldridge, b. 1922, d. 1981.

James B.’s next son, John Henry Oliver Gomillion, was married to Minnie and had one infant before his early death in 1924.

When he registered for WW I in Covington County, he was 28 years old and was a teamster at the Horseshoe Lumber Company. He was described as being tall and stout with brown eyes and black hair.

James B.’s daughter, Lottie Gomillion was married to James B. Berry (1887-1968). They had the following three children: Aubrey B., b. 1907, d. 1974; Lottie B., b. 1913; and Cosby, b. 1917, d. 1949.

James B.’s daughter, Minnie Gomillion, was married to James Jesse Harrelson (1892-1949) and had two infants.

James B.’s son, Albert James Gomillion, was married to Effie Lenore Mitchell, daughter of Jackson and Betty (Gavins) Mitchell. They lived in the Shreve community and reared the following children: James T., b. 1922; Alberta L., b. 1924; and Earsa L., b. 1925.

James B.’s daughter, Lucy Florence Gomillion was married to William Lucious Lee, son of James and Callie (Bennett) Lee.

They reared the following children: Enoch, b. 1918; Helen, b. 1921; Otis, b. 1925; and Ennis, b. 1929.

James B.’s son, Emmett Jackson Gomillion, and his wife, Lula (1909-1998), had two children, Eugenia, b. 1926; and James Hubert, b. 1928, d. 1993.

James B.’s daughter, Ethel Gomillion and her husband, William Jackson Lee, had the following four children: Willie F., b. 1923; Herman, b. 1925; Bama, b. 1927; and Infant, b.&d. 1930.

There are many other descendants in this generation of the Gomillion family, but space will not permit further coverage. For anyone interested in researching this family, there is considerable data that has been compiled.

Again, appreciation is expressed to Pamala Celeste Nolan for sharing her records for this writing.

Anyone who might find any corrections for the above is requested to contact Curtis Thomasson at 20357 Blake Pruitt Road, Andalusia, AL 34620; 334-222-6467; or e-mail: cthomas@centurytel.net