On spring break, these AES first graders plan . . .

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 10, 2010

Name: Rachel Fleming

Plan: To make some sandcastles

“I’m going to the beach to make sand castles,” Fleming said. “The castle shaped ones with the lake out front are the best. They’re the easiest. I might even have some friends over. I’m not sure, but I bet we have a cookout. I want hotdogs and lemonade.”

Name: Savannah Kelley

Plan: To not fight with her sister

“I think we’re going to the beach,” Kelley said. “I have two brothers and a sister. Sometimes I fight with my sister, but I don’t think I will on spring break. I’m probably going to play outside on the playground and ride my bike, too.”

Name: Ingram Duggar

Plan: To ride what her parents tell her at Disney World

“We’re going to Disney World – my parents scheduled it,” Duggar said. “I’m excited. I got my toys and my bathing suit ready. I’m going to ride with my momma on the Rock-N-Roll rollercoaster. I’m going to ride everything my parents tell me to.”

Name: Caleb McLeod

Plan: To pet a monkey

“I’m going to the zoo in Pensacola, (Fla.),” McCleod said. “I want to see a lion because they eat meat. I think I might try to feed some monkeys. That would be cool. My mom decided (on the trip), and I’m OK with it.”

Name: Cody Ballard

Plan: To catch some crappie

“I’m going fishing with my dad,” Ballard said. “We’re going to catch crappie with a hook, and you throw it in with minnows on it. My dad has to bait it, but I can get the fish off.”

Name: Juan Gatcha

Plan: To play chess with his poppa

“I’m going to Pensacola, (Fla.) and play games with my grandma and play games with my poppa,” Gatcha said. “They got a pool. We’re going to play things like racecars and checkers. It’s going to be great.”

Name: Rosemary Bass

Plan: To go to her sometimes beach house

“I’m going to my grandparent’s beach house and it’s mine sometimes, too,” Bass said. “I’m going to play with my cousins, go to the beach and have fun. I’ve told momma we need beach balls, flip flops and beach toys.”

Name: Griffin Wells

Plan: To touch a jellyfish

“I’m going to the beach and ride my bike at the beach – that’s my favorite thing to do,” Wells said. “I like to get in the water because of the waves, so I’ll do that. I might even touch a jellyfish because I did last year. It was slimy.”