Hydrilla prominent in Lake Jackson

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 14, 2010

As for the waters surrounding Lake Jackson, city council members also discussed Monday the findings of a recent lake study.

“And what they found was something,” Williamson said. “They divided the lake into four quadrants. In the north quadrant, which is where the recreation area is, hydrilla was present in 100 percent of the pulls, meaning every time they made a swipe, it came back full of hydrilla.

“In the south quadrant, which is on the Florida side, hydrilla was present in 90 percent of the pulls,” he said.

“And there are three options to get rid of it – chemicals, carp or a combination of the two.”

The city spent more than $900 for the study.

“We’re going to present this information to the state as well so we can move forward,” Williamson said. “We have got to nip this potentially serious problem in the bud, because it could mean the end of recreation at the lake, and Florala can’t have that.”