Pistol competition raises funds, builds camaraderie

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Covington County Incident Response Team (IRT ) held its third annual pistol competition Friday at the Andalusia Firing Range.

The event is a fundraiser for the local IRT and helps build camaraderie among law enforcement agencies, IRT commander Paul Hudson said.

“It gives us money to buy equipment and things we need for training,” Hudson said.

“The Covington County IRT puts on a professional competition,” said Randall Courtney of the Greenville Police Department. “Their competition not only benefits officers with extra training but gives us an opportunity to network with officers from other areas.”

The competition is broken down into three qualifying events and a final “Top Gun” round. In each event, participants shoot at targets from different stances and different distances. They are scored on their accuracy.

Winners included:

Bull’s eye Course – Leslie Heinz, first; Jeffrey Mortensen, second; and Jody Day, third.

Modified B27 Course – Leslie Heinz, first; Jody Day, second; Jeffrey Mortensen, third.

IRT Qualifying Course – Byron Russell, first; Sgt. Whitehead, second; and Leslie Heinz, third.

The “Top Gun” Award winner was Jody Day.

The IRT also had a sponsor shoot in which gold sponsors of the event were allowed to shoot in a “friendly” competition.

Jack Dickert, representing sponsor Mike Jones, attorney, won first place.  Other sponsors who chose to shoot in the sponsor shoot were, Mike Jones Sr. and Tom Wismer.

The 21 participants represented the Andalusia Police Department, Walton County Sheriff’s Office, Monroeville Police Department, Alabama Beverage Control Board, Geneva County Sheriff’s Office, Alabama Game and Fish, Military Police from Fort Rucker,and Greenville Police Department.