Local man’s heroic actions saves a life

Published 12:00 am Saturday, April 24, 2010

One local man could be considered a hero, but he’d prefer no one call him that.

“I ain’t no hero. I just did what anyone else would have done,” said Scotty Taylor, who pulled Steve Pehlum from a burning car after a wreck on South Cotton Street Wednesday afternoon.

Taylor said he was in his yard grilling chicken when he heard the wreck.

“I was grilling and I heard a God-awful racket,” he said. “It was close to the corner of our house.”

Taylor said at first glance he thought it was the family Jeep his son was driving.

“It was the same color as our Jeep and I was scared it was our son,” he said. “It scared the mess out of me.”

Taylor said a lot of bystanders were scared to help because the vehicle was on fire, and they thought it was going to blow up.

“I couldn’t just stand there and watch that man burn to death,” he said. “I kicked out one of the windows and someone came up and had something we could bust the back window out with, and I dragged him out.”

Taylor said the car was burning “pretty good” when he got out there and the man trapped inside was conscious.

“The lady across the street hollered and asked me what could she do? I told her to bring me some flour,” he said. “She got me a big bag of flour.”

Police officers at the scene said it was believed that Pehlum had a seizure, hit a culvert and flipped his red Chevy Cavalier.

He was transported to Andalusia Regional Hospital with minor injuries.