City OKs River Falls Street bid

Published 4:58 am Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Work on the River Falls Street project should begin in early July, after the Andalusia City Council awarded the contract to Wiregrass Construction, pending review of the bid by the state Depart-ment of Transpor-tation.
Bids were opened Tuesday morning.
“We’ve done well,” Mayor Earl Johnson told the council Tuesday night. “This is a good company.
“Wiregrass was formerly Bullard Construction,” Johnson said. “It’s my understanding that Don Bullard operates for Wiregrass in this area, so we have a local person involved. This is very good.”
Wiregrass’s bid of $3,005,172.75 was approximately $100,000 lower than the second lowest bid from Moody Construction.
“The bids were very competitive,” CDG engineer Tim Ramsden told council members, adding that the low bid should put the city on schedule to begin the project in July. He said he expected  DOT’s approval to take a week to 10 days.

Engineer Tim Ramsden and city clerk John Thompson tabulate bids for the River Falls Street project.