3 softball teams get wins

Published 12:00 am Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Titans, Tigers (Black) and Tigers (Glidewell) earned one win each in 8, 10 and 12 and under Babe Ruth softball action Tuesday night at Johnson Park.

The Titans beat 2Xtreme 13-7, Tigers (Black) beat the Devil Lady Dogs 9-1, and the Tigers (Glidewell) beat the Kool Kats 7-2.

In other action, the Tigers (Norris) and the Eagles tied 12-12.

Titans 13, 2Xtreme 7

The Titans scored six runs in the second inning to help lead them to the six-run win over 2Xtreme.

In addition, the Titans added four five runs in the third and scored two runs in the first inning.

2Xtreme scored one run in the second inning and six runs in the third inning.

Mary Salter and My Kenzie scored two runs each; Anna Terry, Julia Smith, Rachel Dayton, Zaria Jones, Val Tamberlin, Alaina Nettles, Trish Echols, Nicole Woods and Collon Woodard all scored one run each for the Titans.

P. Cannon, M. Porter, A. Catoe, A. Locke and C. Amerson scored one run each for 2Xtreme; and K. Mitchell scored two runs.

Tigers (Black) 9, Devil Lady Dogs 1

Macy, Colby, Morgan, Peyton and Sarah Kate scored one run each; and Hayden scored three runs for the Tigers (Black).

For the Devil Lady Dogs, Jasmine Parks scored the only run for her team in the second inning.

Tigers (Glidewell) 7, Kool Kats 2

Angel, Abbie and Kassidy scored one run each; and Emilee and Sydney scored two runs each for the Tigers (Glidewell) in the win.

For the Kool Kats, E. Garner and M. Garner scored the only runs in the second inning.

Tigers (Norris) 12, Eagles 12

For the Tigers (Norris), Harris, Lynn, Mackoff and Straughn scored two runs each; and Ray, Bledsoe, Musgrove and Qualls scored one run each.

For the Eagles, Hope, Bella, River and Bess scored two runs each; and Ansley, Layla and Bracie scored one run each.