Suspect some kind of scamming going on

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 8, 2010

Listen to me, I feel like there is a scam going around. It is about where you need a scooter and what is your health in.
I had a lady call me, said she was with the senior citizen group out of Florida and did I need a scooter to get around on, that they would help you through your doctor to get one.
They needed some answers first. Your Medicare numbers, your birthday numbers and your doctor’s addressed.
They gave you a telephone number to call them and it won’t work, even though it is an 800 number and it goes some how through a computer, and you can’t get them.
So listen to me, don’t give out no kind of numbers to any one if they want some answers or something tell them to come see you and see what happens.
Barbara S. Dennis