2 weeks ’til Big Macs

Published 2:15 am Friday, May 14, 2010

The Golden Arches are in, and the countdown has begun for Big Mac and Egg McMuffin lovers across Covington County.
Operations manager Mike Sanicola said Thursday they are shooting to reopen for business May 26.

“All we have left is the core,” he said.

“We’re finishing up all of the electrical work, and we need to put up all the signs.”

The project began in mid-March after a complete demolition of the 35-year-old former McDonald’s structure.

The famous golden arches are on site and ready to be installed.

Sanicola said they received the Golden Arches Thursday, and they were able to install the double drive-thru.

In addition, Sanicola said crews still need to make sure the kitchen equipment works.

While there will be no PlayPlace with the new facility, Sanicola said the plans did create a special section for the morning faithful.

“There’s a nice section in the corner for the coffee club,” he said.
Sanicola said hiring is going well.

“We’ve been doing all of our interviews at a local hotel,” he said.

“We’ve been sending the employees to Luverne and Enterprise for training, and some of our old team members are coming back.”

McDonald’s is expected to employ some 80 employees, and Sanicola said hiring is ongoing.