Still winning

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Four teams earned wins in 11-to-12-year-old Cal Ripken action Friday night at Johnson Park.

The Braves beat the Yankees (City) 13-1; the Yankees (County) beat the Reds 3-2; the Cardinals beat the A’s 10-8; and the Twins defeated the Indians 11-6.

Braves 13, Yankees (City) 1

The game was over when it started for the Yankees (City) as the Braves scored 10 runs in the first inning in the 12-run win.

Charlton and Whitman scored three runs each to help lead their team to victory.

Along with Charlton and Whitman, Stewart, Whatley, Carter, Odom, Allred and Haymons each scored one run for the Braves.

The Braves added their final two runs in the third inning.

The Yankees scratched their only run across the plate when Griffin scored in the fourth inning on a single from Butler.

Yankees (County) 3, Reds 2

D. George scored two runs — one run in the first inning and one in the fifth inning — to help lead his team to victory.

The Yankees got on board in the first inning when George scored his first of two runs on a stolen base.

The Reds evened the game up in the bottom of the first when R. Graham scored on a single from L. Sirmon.

The Yankees added one run in the second when Caiden Channell scored on an error.

In the fifth inning, the Yankees scored their insurance run when George hit a solo home run on a 1-0 count.

The Reds came back in the sixth inning and brought the game back to one run when T. Ossenfort scored on a double from W. Adams.

Cardinals 10, A’s 8

Ward and Piggot had two RBIs each in the Cardinals win over the A’s Friday night.

Piggot got things started in the first inning when he launched a triple to score Ward and Bowden.

The A’s scored one run in the same inning when D. Scott scored on a single from J. Perdue.

In the second inning, the Cardinals ran away with the lead scoring five runs on four hits.

Shirey, Ward, Bowden, Stewart and Fleming all scored in the second for the Cardinals.

The A’s added three runs in the third and one run in the fourth.

At the fourth-inning mark, the Cardinals led 8-5.

The A’s scored one run on a single from D. Jordan in the fourth inning; scored one run in the fifth on a wild pitch; and one run in the sixth on an RBI and wild pitch.

The Cardinals had the edge, though, adding two runs in the sixth for the win when Ward hit two-run double to score Shirey and Fleming.

Twins 11, Indians 6

The Twins broke out to a 4-1 lead in the third inning over the Indians, which gave them the needed momentum to get the win.

In the fourth inning, the Twins scored five runs on five hits.

They added their final two runs in the fifth.

Hawkins scored one run; Hammett scored two runs; Cosby scored one run; G. Worley scored one run; M. Worley scored three runs; Dorman scored two runs; and Hudson scored one run for the Twins.

The Indians scored one run in the first inning; two in the third; one in the fourth and one in the fifth.

Editor’s note: Complete names of players were not available when the Star-News went to press Monday.