Choral program offered much

Published 12:00 am Saturday, May 22, 2010

I was very saddened by the recent news that the Andalusia City School System is closing down funding for the choral programs. I came through Andy High 1984-88, and some of my most memorable moments center around musical drama.

Headed at the time by Paula Sue Duebelt, the musical drama club in my day performed, among other things, “L’il Abner” and “My Fair Lady.” Students came together and worked very hard to make the shows a success.Most of us couldn’t sing very well, but maybe we could act a little, so we were given a chance to shine. Those who could sing were given a forum that they might never have had otherwise – a showcase for real talent.

I learned how to appreciate art and for just a little while, I felt like a star. Maybe the choral program just doesn’t seem as important to some as algebra or chemistry, but, to me and my high-school friends, it was a way to escape the monotony of small-town life. The laughter and the sense of accomplishment we shared during rehearsals and performances have followed me through my life in a far more significant way than anything I learned sitting behind a desk.

Leigh Guin