Classes out for summer; students say they’ll miss school

Published 1:02 am Friday, May 28, 2010

Thursday students at Andalusia Elementary School said goodbye to the school year and hello to summer break.

While everyone was excited about what the summer holds, several students shared what they would miss most about the school year.

Like most classes, third graders in Ashley Black’s class were busy cleaning up the room before summer break.

“They’re helping me get my room clear of clutter, so the room can be cleaned,” Black said.

There were only a handful of students left in class, but all agreed they’d miss Ms. Black.

“I’m going to miss my teacher,” Raygen Clarke said. “She’s really nice.”

Others said they were going to miss their favorite subjects.

“I’m going to miss math. It’s my favorite subject,” Jordan Johnson said. “This year has been fun.”

Classmate Joseph Craft said he would miss science because of all the projects they participated in this year.

“We make stuff in science,” he said. “This year we got to make aquariums with fish. It was fun.”

Chan Lin Lee said she would miss reading.

“I love to read,” she said. “So far my favorite series is ‘Henry and Mudge.’ ”

Lee said she would also miss hanging out with her friends.

“I’m going to miss seeing my friends every day,” she said. “I’ll also miss doing math problems.”

Students begin summer break today and school will begin again Aug. 9 for students.

AES third graders, Jordan Johnson, Joseph Craft and Chan Lin Lee are going to to miss school, but are happy it’s summer break.

Teachers will report to school Aug. 2 for workdays.