4 teams victorious

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 3, 2010

Four 11-to-12-year-old Cal Ripken baseball teams walked away with a win Tuesday night at Johnson Park.

The Yankees (City) defeated the Giants 13-1; the Cardinals beat the Braves 10-9; the Reds beat the A’s 14-9; and the Twins beat the Yankees (County) 7-4.

Yankees (City) 13, Giants 1

Yankees (City) right fielder Rex Butler hit a three-run home run in the third inning to help lead his team to the 12-run victory Tuesday night.

The Yankees got off to a good start over the Giants scoring three runs in the first inning on four hits.

Will Jones, Butler, William Riley and Clayton Stephens all provided the hits with one single each.

Jones, Butler and Kenneth Griffin provided the runs with one each.

In the second inning, the Yankees added two runs when Butler hit an RBI single to score Jones; and Stephens hit an RBI single to score Butler.

The Giants scored their only run in the fourth inning on a double from C. Gunter.

The fourth run in the third inning came on a single from Stephens to score Griffin.

In the fifth inning, the Yankees (City) scored their final four runs on two hits.

Jones, Griffin, Riley and Bolton Davis scored one run each.

Jones scored four runs; Butler scored three runs; Griffin scored three runs; Riley scored one run; Davis scored one run; and Dallas Wynkoop scored one run for the Yankees.

Cardinals 10, Braves 9

The Cardinals scored four runs in the first inning, three runs in the second inning and three runs in the fifth inning in the one-run win over the Braves.

Daniel Shirey scored two runs; Madison Ward scored three runs; Sim Bowden scored one run; William Piggot scored two runs; Caleb Whitehurst scored one run; and Jamal Mason scored one run for the Cardinals.

Shirey and Ward scored their first runs in the first inning on a single from Mason; while Whitehurst and Mason scored in the first on errors.

In the second inning, Shirey, Ward and Piggot scored on walks.

The Braves scored three runs in the third inning, four runs in the fourth inning and added two runs in the sixth inning in the loss.

The Cardinals scored their finals three runs in the fifth inning on RBIs from Piggot and Whitehurst.

Reds 14, A’s 9

Reds catcher Lane Sirmon hit a grand slam home run in the top of the second inning to help lead his team to the 14-9 victory over the A’s Tuesday night.

Sirmon also added scored three runs for the Reds in the win.

The Reds scored three runs in the first inning on six hits. Dedric Walker, John Graham, Sirmon, Trey Ossenfort, Will Adams and Taylor Earnest all got one hit each in the first inning.

However, the A’s cut the Reds’ lead to one run in the bottom of the first inning when H. Carpenter and B. Jackson scored on a double from J. Perdue.

The Reds increased their lead in the third inning adding four runs on hits from Justin Gibson, Graham and Sirmon.

The A’s scored four runs in the third inning on hits from Perdue, Tristan Cobb, D. Jordan, C. Dorman, A. Griggs, A. Kelley and Carpenter.

In the fourth inning, the A’s scored three runs.

The Reds sealed the win in the fifth scoring three runs on hits from Graham and Sirmon.

Twins 7, Yankees (County) 4

The Twin shot out to a 4-1 lead after the first inning in their three-run win over the Yankees (County) Tuesday night.

J. Hawkins, B. Hammett, G. Worley and M. Worley scored for the Twins in the first on three hits.

The Yankees scored their lone run in the first on a single from T. Ballard to score D. George.

In the third inning, the Twins added two runs on hits from M. Worley and J. Rogers.

The Yankees scored added one run in the fifth inning and two in the sixth for the loss.

The Twins scored their last run in the sixth to earn the win when H. Peeples scored.

Editor’s note: Complete names of players were not available when the Star-News went to press Wednesday.

Reds batter Justin Gibson gets his first hit of the season Tuesday night against the A’s. The Reds beat the A’s 14-9. | Andrew Garner - Star-News