Phillies beat Braves

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 5, 2010

Phillies pitcher Austin Whitehurst allowed four runs, and struck out 12 batters Thursday night to help lead his team to an 8-4 victory over the Braves in Babe Ruth baseball action at Johnson Park.

The Phillies scored three runs in the first inning on hits from J. Newby and Hunter Weaver.

The Braves added two runs in the bottom of the first inning when J. Walker and J. Williams scored on errors.

The Braves tied the game at three runs each in the second inning when T. Cobb scored on a double from Walker.

The Phillies ran away with the game in the fourth inning when Newby, Weaver and D. Smith scored on one hit.

The Braves added one run in the fifth inning on an error.

In the sixth inning, the Phillies sealed the deal, scoring two runs on an error.

Newby and H. Greathouse scored two runs each; and K. Powell, Weaver, T. Hammett and Smith scored one run each for the Phillies.

For the Braves, Walker, Williams, M. Nolen and Cobb scored one run each.

Editor’s note: Complete names of players were not available when the Star-News went to press Friday.