Land transactions for April 8-15, 2010

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 12, 2010

The following are land transactions recorded at the Covington County Courthouse during the week of April 8-15, 2010:

• Sherri Carol Russell to Sherri Carol Russell Odom and Tammy Kay Odom

• Scott Sweatt to Feagin A. Sweatt

• Tracy N. Lawrence to Antara D. Lawrence

• Kathy D. Kirkland to David M. Kirkland

• Robert E. Savell to Kenneth E. Savell and Robert E. Savell

• Viola M. Gross Miller to Sharon Louise Rucker

• Vickie Nevels Blue and Vickie Nevels A/K/A to CMH Homes Inc.

• Joy Anita Garrett to Caleb and Joye A. Garrett

• Donny Shane Price to James and Sheryl D. Chestnut

• Estate of Edna Wallace, Martha W. Floyd, Margery W. Lester, and Milton A. Wallace/Pers Rep/Ind to Joseph Rickey Mikel

• Mary Sue Foley, Grover Hicks, Jr., and Sara Jane King to Grover Hicks, Jr.

• BNK Groves LLC to Bruce H. McLane and Kathleen S. McLane

• Lawrence and Rose Pittman to Burl Matthews

• Bo Wang to Brandon C. Watson

• David M. Kirkland to Johnny R. Kirkland

• Linda Abel, Jeanette Berry, Annie Blue, Annie B. Blue, Barbara Blue, Brenda Blue, Cecil Blue, Sr.,

Danny Blue, Darlene Blue, Emitt Blue, Frank G. L. Blue, Herman Blue, James Blue, Jr., Jenise M. Blue, Lemon Blue, Jr., Mary Alice Moore Blue, Ocie Blue, Vivian Blue, Willie C. Blue, Mary Ann Bowers, Vernell Bowers, Barbara Bradshaw, Betty Bradshaw, Bruce Bradshaw, Cleavon Bradshaw, Jr., Johnny Bradshaw, Johnson Jessie M. Bradshaw, Rodney Bradshaw, Willie Reese Bradshaw, Jr., Willie Reese Bradshaw, Jr. ET AL, Jessie M. Bradshaw-Johnson ET AL, Beverly Bradshaw-Wingo, Sandra Brooks, Josie L. Blue Butts, Melvina Echols, Maria Stanley Gaddis, Anna Hall, Elizabeth Ann Hall, Marvel Hall, Michael Hall, Patricia Hall, James Jordan, Keith Jordan, Michael Jordan, Sandra Y. Leonard, Charles Lewis, Jr., Loritada Lewis, Vance Lewis, Jacqueline K. McIntosh, Edith Middleton, Ronald Middleton, Shenethal Hallshakespear Louise Owens, Ruth Ann Parker, Betty A. Patton, Pam Perry, Shirlean Robinson, Eva M. Sanders, Howard Shakespear, John Shakespear, Loistine Shakespear, Stanley Shakespear, Willie Shakespear, Jackie Shears, Wanda Sheridan, Searcy Snyder, Esther Joshua Tabor, Doris B. Thomas, Tract of Land, Barbara Blue Travis, Louise Williams, Hattie Williamson to Cecil Blue

• Debbie H. Williams and Timothy Lee Williams to JTA of Hope Hull LLC

• John H. Clark, Jr. to Vision Enterprise LLC

• Feagin A. Sweatt to Scott Sweatt

• John David Clark to Gail B. Clark