Parents should snoop a little

Published 1:59 am Saturday, June 12, 2010

During the past week, we have included in our news coverage a series on sex offenders.

Wednesday, that coverage included photographs and information about each of Covington County’s 98 registered sex offenders.

Later in the week, we shared information about how sex predators depend upon parents’ trust of their children to find new victims, and reported on ways parents can raise their children’s awareness from a very young age.

Our goal was simple: to raise awareness about the issue and help parents understand what they can do to prevent the problem and what to do if they suspect abuse.

Too often in today’s society, we give kids too much leniency. Sure, teens want privacy. But their need for privacy shouldn’t outweigh our obligation to protect them.

So watch carefully. Check to see whom they call, text and email with. Pay attention to their social media ‘friends.’

Our children are too precious to become victims of abuse.