Children use imagination to create art

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 19, 2010

Jonathan Walker shows off his finished aquarium project he made during the OCAC’s summer arts program. | Kendra Bolling/ Star-News

The children were introduced to tissue paper art and used their imaginations to bring to life an aquarium using only tissue paper, glue, a cardboard box and colored paper fish.

OCAC members Kathy Grantham and Anita Ellis teach the class once a week.

“We wanted them to make an aquarium. They could put things inside such as fish or alligators,” Grantham said.

The students in the class were excited about the project and art in general.

“I really like it,” said Anna Kate Courson. “My favorite part is coloring.”

Hanna Walker said she came to the class because she thinks it’s fun to draw.

“I like working on projects and getting to talk to people. The teachers are really nice,” she said. “I really enjoy the arts.”

Abigail Walker said she too enjoyed the class.

“It’s a lot of fun. I really enjoy coloring,” she said.

Nathaniel Walker enjoyed using the tissue paper and glue to make the aquarium and liked to see how it all came together.

“I’ve had a good time. This is my third time coming,” he said.

Younger brother, Jonathan Walker, said he too enjoys drawing and having a good time.

“My favorite part is drawing, coloring and stuff,” he said.

Lydia Walker really used her imagination and even incorporated trees and plants in her aquarium with the tissue paper.

“I like drawing and coloring,” she said. “I made different plants and other things for the bottom of my aquarium. My brother has an aquarium, but I just used my imagination to make up what’s inside of my aquarium.

“I am artistic. I have a sketchbook and love to draw,” she said.

Faith Bess, who joined the class this week had a good time catching up on the part of the assignment she missed last week.

“I really like making this aquarium,” she said. “Painting and coloring and drawing are some of my favorite activities.”

Ellis said the OCAC sponsors the art program to promote the arts in children. The organization charges a $5 fee for the workshop to help with the cost of supplies.

Next week, Ellis said they hope to begin work on a gourd project.

The class begins Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. and lasts until 5 p.m.