Reeves takes job at Opp

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jimmy Reeves (left) was hired at Opp High School as the assistant principal and head softball coach. | File photo

Opp High School has a new assistant principal and head softball coach — Jimmy Reeves.

For the past 12 years, Reeves has been at Pleasant Home, where he has served as the head softball coach, and more recently as assistant principal.

Reeves said the job at OHS presented itself as a great “opportunity.”

“It’s a very difficult thing to do as far as leaving Pleasant Home, but it’s a great opportunity for me at Opp,” he said. “It’s a 12-month job, and that’s just a good financial opportunity for me.”

Reeves said there wasn’t a specific reason for leaving PHS.

“I was just as happy as I could be there,” he said.

So, why Opp?

“I’ve told people now for years that I thought the Opp girls — the softball girls — just played with a grit about them that exceeded the other teams we played (at PHS),” Reeves said. “I always noticed that. I always thought there was something to them that was kind of special to them.”

While at Pleasant Home, Reeves said every time his team would compete against Opp, “I’ve never seen an unfavorable thing out of any of the fans, the kids or anything.”

“I just said it always looks like a real class place,” he said.

OCS superintendent Michael Smithart said the main act in hiring Reeves was to fill the assistant principal position.

“First of all, our primary goal in this specific hire was to get an assistant principal,” Smithart said. “So, he’s hired in that capacity, and the bonus is that he is a highly successful softball coach.

“We’re excited to have somebody of coach Reeves’ experience and of his character come on board with us.”

Finally, Reeves said that he is thankful to those that made his career truly great.

“I’m very thankful to Covington County — Mr. (former CCS superintendent Ronnie) Driver and (former PHS principal) Mr. (Jim) Garner. I got to work under a great man like Mr. Garner for 10 years.

“Mr. Driver was good enough to hire me,” he said. “There are so many good teachers and coaches that I’ve worked with over here for the last 12 years. It has been a great experience for my family and me.”