ACS seeks substitute teachers

Published 12:00 am Thursday, June 24, 2010

Andalusia City Schools is currently seeking applicants for substitute teachers.

Accounts payable and payroll coordinator Nancy Crosby said substitutes are needed because a lot of people sign up at the beginning of the school year, but then the number drops significantly by the end of the school year, and they are needed to assist in a teacher’s absence.

“A lot of people usually sign up, but some get jobs or decide they don’t like subbing,” she said.

Still, interim superintendent Ted Watson said substitute teachers play a vital role in the classroom.

“The substitute teacher represents continuity of classroom instruction throughout the year in our school system,” interim superintendent Ted Watson said. “The role of the substitute is so much more than just that of a babysitter. Conscientious teachers rely on the substitute to forge ahead in the curriculum when they are unable to be in their classrooms.”

Watson said that while many remember the days of a substitute meaning a day off from instruction that is no longer the case with high expectations set.

“These guys are real heroes, when you think about their role in holding the entire schedule of a school together on any particular day,” he said.

Those interested must be at least 21 years old or have two years of post secondary class work.

In addition, applicants must be fingerprinted and pass criminal background clearance.

The cost is $54.15 for the fingerprinting and applicants are responsible for this payment, Crosby said.

In addition, applicants must pay $30 for the substitute teacher’s license in the form of a money order or cashier’s check payable to the “State Department of Education,” in order to receive the license.

Crosby said the license is issued for five years and is valid throughout the state and substitutes must work three days each semester in order to maintain an active status.

An application must be submitted to the central office along with a driver’s license, Social Security card and proof of education.

The length of time required for processing varies with each person, but applicants should typically allow four to 12 weeks.

Those approved for substitute teaching must complete a substitute orientation prior to substituting for ACS.

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