Tweet, Facebook me please!

Published 12:00 am Saturday, June 26, 2010

To Tweet, or not to Tweet? That is the question.

Last Friday, I spent the day in Tuscaloosa at a sports editors meeting, where we discussed how to get information to the readers as quickly as possible.

I came back this week re-energized at how I can reach my readers (you) quicker through Facebook and Twitter.

Those two platforms, in my opinion, offer the best avenues to get information across to athletes, parents and avid sports enthusiasts here in the county.

With that said, the Andalusia Star-News has set up a sports Twitter page.

To follow for updates regarding anything sports in Covington County, subscribe to StarNews_Sports on Twitter.

On Facebook, if you haven’t already, become a fan of our page. Type in “Andalusia Star-News” in the search bar at the top, and it should show up.

So, how am I going to update the sports Twitter and newspaper Facebook page from games?

It’s simple — through my cell phone.

I have downloaded an application called “TweetDeck,” which allows me to use different social media platforms on one program.

For example, I can update my Facebook page and Twitter page at the same time.

I must admit that I was not a hardcore Twitter user before this week, but I’m sold now.

It’s been fun giving relevant updates to those that are following me so far.

And in this next sports season, I can’t wait to be Tweeting from the sidelines, gyms and ball parks.

So, I’ll see you on the flip side of the Twitterverse.