Andalusia council abates 6 properties

Published 1:19 am Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Andalusia City Council declared six properties nuisances and authorized the building inspector and city attorney to proceed with abatement. They were:

• 1103 Henderson St. (structure)

• 404 8th Ave. (weeds)

• 226 Knox St. (weeds)

• Fletcher Road (structure)

• 500 Auburn Ave. (structure)

• 206 Knox St. (Structure and weeds)

Alabama law has a long and detailed process for abatement. Before Tuesday night’s actions, property owners had received courtesy letters asking them to comply with city ordinances. They will now receive a certified letter from the city and will have 15 days to appeal their cases. If they appeal, they can come before the council and plead their case, asking for leniency. If they do not appeal and do not comply, the city can clean up the property and bill the property owner in the case of weed problems, or proceed with demolition. City ordinance 1994-7 sets out the guidelines of the process.