Florala could use new hospital

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 10, 2010

What is gonna happen to our hospital? I think we need a new one to be up-to-date with the other ones like Opp and Andalusia. This one needs tearing down and building one that has its own control in each room so people can have them like they want it instead of going in there freezing to death and coming out the same way.

Just wonder is this the way it gonna stay on and on and not trying to have something done to make people feel better?

There are hardly any nurses and doctors to take care of you when you go over there. You could stay over there half of the day before you get anything done.

I have been over there and I know because, you see, two weeks ago on Saturday night, I had to go to Opp because I had to have something done. It was when I had diverticulosia and stayed until Tuesday morning. I was told not to eat popcorn, no nuts or any kind of seeds, so listen to me please do something about our hospital. Get more nurses and bring in more doctors and you might be surprised what would happen.

Just think we have a new senior citizen center, the police and Sonny has a new police station, the rescue squad has a new building and the fire department also.

So see what could happen if we had a new hospital because lots have to go out of town to get the help they need.

So please think about what I have said and what a difference this could be.


Barbara Sue Dennis,