Local tea party group: We aren’t racists

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The national media is rife with stories of the “Tea Party” being accused of racism and the “Tea Party leaders” hurling their own accusations. As founder and local organizer of the Tea Party Patriots of Covington County, a local “tea party group,” I believe the position of our local group should be articulated for the record.

First of all, there is no top down organization above our local group. Most tea party groups are totally autonomous with no connection other than a like-mindedness pertaining to the belief that our government and its officials – both elected and appointed – have strayed from the Constitutional path set forth by our founding fathers. A total and utter disregard for the will of “We The People” has led to TARP, (so-called) stimulus, bailouts, takeovers, worthless dollars and debt being increased exponentially to the eventual harm of our nation. While we hold some of the same opinions we are independent of each other. This is our greatest strength and our greatest weakness.

While the “tea party leaders” are for the most part just other concerned American patriots, albeit on a bigger stage, they are in no way connected to, nor speak for the Tea Party Patriots of Covington County, Ala..

I can speak for Tea Party Patriots Inc. on this one issue only whom does not allow or tolerate racism in any form. I can say this accusation is a favorite tactic of those who cannot win a discussion with facts. Discrediting those with whom they disagree by character assassination only shows the weakness of their opinion. This strategy should be repudiated by all, as it weakens the definition of racism and numbs the populace to those accusations which have truth as a basis.

As for the Tea Party Patriots of Covington County, Ala., we strive to reach out to all local citizens. Racism would be self-defeating as we are a multi-racial organization. Allowing racism in our midst would cause our group to rightfully self-destruct. I am proud to say that I’ve never seen any evidence of racism in our group.

Personally, I would never be a part of any group that promotes or encourages racism.

We encourage any and all local citizens to attend our meetings or visit our website, http://ccateapartypatriots.org/. We welcome all who would work to see our country return to the vision our founding fathers had of a Constitutional Republic (not a democracy) in which “all men are created equal.”

Don Gaines

Tea Party Patriots of Covington County, Ala.