Doing ‘fine’ in the summertime

Published 12:00 am Friday, July 23, 2010

The Opp Bobcats have participated in summer workouts since June. The Bobcats will finish their summer program when fall practice starts on Aug. 2. | Andrew Garner/Star-News

The Opp Bobcats have been having some “fine” times this summer during workouts.

Since June, the Bobcats have been solely focusing on doing core lifts and conditioning.

In addition, the team has also been working on its passing game.

“The summer has been fine,” OHS coach Jack Whigham said. “We’ve got 75 kids that are playing, and pretty much we’ve had everybody here all summer long.”

Whigham said the workouts during June took place in the mornings, and transitioned to the afternoons this month.

Given that it is the summer, Whigham said the players have “done a good job” dealing with their schedules.

“We’ve had some kids that are playing baseball (in the Babe Ruth/Dixie Majors league) and going on church trips,” he said. “They have make ups that they can come and make up. We’ve had baseball kids gone for different reasons. The baseball team has been fortunate enough to go to the state level.

“The kids have done a good job,” he said. “They’ll come in the morning and go ahead and do their football workouts, and then go to baseball in the afternoon.”

Since the Bobcats haven’t participated in any 7-on-7 tournaments this summer, Whigham said that has opened up the opportunity for his team to work on their passing game.

“We feel like we’ve made some progress (on the passing game), and we have started doing some special teams stuff,” Whigham said. “We’re going along, and kicking on along and now gettting ready for practice.”

Now that the start of fall practice is less than two weeks away, Whigham said the focus now is to get those little things done before fall practice starts.

“Right now, the focus is getting all of the paper work done, and all the physicals done,” he said. “Basically, all of the paper work you have to do to start any sport. So that when we get here on Aug. 2, it’s time to practice.”.