Shakespeare: 45 gallons of paint still needed

Published 12:00 am Saturday, July 24, 2010

The “Paint AHS Project” still needs an additional 45 gallons of paint, Andalusia High School principal Dr. Daniel Shakespeare said.

Last week, Shakespeare reached out to the community for support to help improve the exterior aesthetics at the high school, with a goal of raising 100 gallons.

Shakespeare will purchase the paint from Sherwin Williams to give the faded and cracking exterior a fresh look.

Word has spread across town that the front of AHS has termite damage on the exterior, but Shakespeare said he does not think that is the case.

“I believe it is weather damage,” he said. “We had the termite people over at the first of June, and no one has indicated there is termite damage.”

Shakespeare did say the high school has experienced termite problems before; however, regardless of what type of damage, Shakespeare said the damage will be fixed before it is painted.

The cost of the paint is $35 a gallon to paint the exterior columns and awnings, and the fundraiser will continue until Aug. 12.

Shakespeare said those interested in donating a gallon of paint should make checks payable to AHS.