ACS receives high marks on ARMT

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 1, 2010

Andalusia City Schools met or exceeded its required standards on all portions of the ARMT test, Superintendent Ted Watson said.

Third grade scored 97 percent, which was above the required 85 percent in reading.

“We believe our third grade reading scores were second only to Mountain Brook,” Watson said.

Fourth grade scored 83 percent, which was slightly above the required 82 percent in reading.

Fifth grade scored right on the mark with 85 percent in reading.

Sixth grade scored 86 percent in reading, which was a percentage point higher than required by No Child Left Behind.

Seventh grade scored 95 percent, which was well above the 79 percent required.

“Our seventh grade reading scores placed Andalusia in the top 5 percent of all school systems,” he said.

Eight grade scored 84 percent, which is above the required 67 percent.

In math, each grade level scored higher than the required standard.

Third grade score 94 percent, while only being required to score 79 percent.

Fourth grade and fifth grade exceeded standards by scoring 80 percent.

Six grade scored 76 percent, seventh grade scored 89 percent and eight grade scored 86 percent.

Watson said that each year the required standard increases and is expected to reach 100 percent in 2014.