Red Level woman grows colossal cucumbers

Published 12:00 am Friday, August 13, 2010

Frances Swinson knows cucumbers, but she’s never grown an 8-pounder before, or at least not until this year.

Swinson said she’s grown traditional cucumbers for “a long time” in her Red Level garden and usually makes pickles, but this summer she decided to plant a different kind of cucumber, just for kicks.

“My sister got the seeds,” she said. “I think she got them in Florida and left them at my house.”

Swinson said the package of Armenian yard-long cucumbers promised cucumbers a yard long.

Swinson said these cucumbers were the largest cucumbers she has ever planted.

“I know the largest one was 38 inches long,” she said. “My son measured the length. It was so big.”

Swinson said she has only eaten one of the cucumbers, because they are too large for her to eat by herself, but said they have a mild taste.

“I’m going to cut one open and put some dressing on it when my granddaughter gets over having her wisdom teeth cut out,” she said. “But I’ve been taking them to church and the people are crazy over them.”

And there’s plenty more, she said.

“It looks like a pretty good crop,” she said. “I’ve got two hills of cucumbers. It looks like it’s going to make a lot of them and probably until the first frost.”

Swinson said that although the people really enjoy the cucumbers, she doesn’t think she’ll plant them again.

“I just did it for novelty. The package showed they were ruffled and most people are going to think it’s a gourd, ” she said. “I had a few seeds left, and I gave them away. People can get the seeds out of the cucumber, if they want to plant them.”

Red Level’s Frances Swinson shows off one of her Armenian yard-long cucumbers she grew for kicks this season. The longest one she grew was 38 inches.