Riley makes Friday College colors day

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 1, 2010

MONTGOMERY (AP) — Colorful college mascots surrounded Gov. Bob Riley as he signed a proclamation urging Alabamians to buy college apparel and wear it on Friday. But he was coy about what he might wear.

Riley signed the proclamation for “College Colors Day” on the Capitol steps Tuesday.

He said the sale of college apparel is a financial win for Alabama universities because they get a share of the proceeds.

When Riley was asked what he would wear Friday, he said he’s proud to have graduated from the University of Alabama, but he’s also proud of the strong vote he received in Lee County, which is home to Auburn University.

Riley brought two of his grandchildren to the ceremony, but they shied away Aubie, Big Al and the others mascots.

Four-year-old Madilyn Crye hid her face against her grandfather’s shoulder and 2-year-old Riley Campbell did the same with first lady Patsy Riley.