Abandoned animals create heartache

Published 12:00 am Friday, September 3, 2010

Dropping off stray animals has long been a problem in the Red Level-Loango community, and one local resident is finally speaking out.

“Animals are always being dropped off here,” said resident Anita Johns. “I see it all the time.”

Johns, who has lived in the area for about three years, said she’s speaking out about the practice because it’s inhumane.

She has about five animals already – a combination of cats and dogs – but not all were strays.

“I try to pick them up and give them away when I see them,” she said. “I just want someone to help. I have dogs and cats, and I just cannot afford to take in another one. If I had the money I’d keep them all.”

While Johns said she is able to rescue some of the pets dropped off, there are some she cannot catch.

“There was a very beautiful bulldog that would not come to me,” she said. “He would have made a good pet for someone.”

Johns said she loves animals, and that’s why she wants people to think before they simply drop an unwanted pet off beside of the road.

“I love animals and I am worried about them,” she said. “I want people to take care of their animals. If they really want to get rid of them, they should take them to the animal shelter or find a nice home for them. There are more options than just throwing them out.”

Andalusia Animal Shelter Manager Christin Ball said there are few requirements when it comes to bringing a dog to the shelter.

“They have to live inside Covington County except for those who live within the city limits of Opp,” she said. “There is no cost for bringing in the animals.”

Ball said the facility will take dogs or cats and the animal cannot have a history of biting or aggressive behavior.

Anyone interested in adopting or bringing a pet to the shelter can call 222-8705.