Kids say they need a break, too

Published 1:37 am Saturday, September 4, 2010

Most adults look forward to the first Monday in September and the much needed break from the workplace; however, most children don’t realize the meaning behind the Labor Day holiday.

These students in Mrs. Mary Dutton’s first grade class at Andalusia Elem-ntary School had some unique views about the origins of the holiday.

Kate Day said she saw Monday as a “day of rest.”

“We need it,” Day said. “My mommy works hard to take care of my and my twinny (her twin brother), and my daddy works hard at the hospital operating on people. We need to rest.”

Stewart Nelson said he didn’t know why but his momma “who works for the city” had the day off, and his daddy was home “from working offshore, so we are gonna do nothing.”

Liberty Kirby said the reasoning for the holiday was obvious.

“Because it’s Monday,” she said. “I need a day off school and everybody needs an extra Monday.”

Drew Seymore said the day was designed “because I need a good rest after 20 days of school.”

Erin Riley said the day was designed for fishing.

“We get it off school and my dad gets off work because we’re going fishing,” she said. “We use worms and a pole that you sling.”

Damon Dorsey said, “Things shut down ‘cause my daddy works on cars and my momma stays home with me, so everybody gets a Monday to spend time with me.”