Push away from table, eat fruit

Published 1:15 am Saturday, September 4, 2010

Dear Editor,

I have been seeing on TV the morning show news, where they are talking about grown ups and kids being so heavy and eating so much that they are having problems and are having to have surgery to quit eating so much.

You don’t have to have surgery to lose weight.

Just stay away from the table, eat lots of vegetables and fruits and don’t eat in between meals and you can lose the weight if you will set your mind to it and do it.

You see being so heavy this is hard on your blood pressure, you could have a stroke or have a heart attack also.

So be careful.

When I started going to Dr. Vishuwashva?, I weighed 200 pounds because I had become a diabetic and my sugar was high.

I started losing my weight and since I have had gall bladder surgery, I’m down to 159 because of one thing – eating lots of fruits.

I also have heard on the news that some of the schools are cutting back on sweets and making meals for kids even healthy and better.

Also having the kids drink lots of milk.

If we had some place for the kids and grown ups to go to for exercise and work out each day – say twice this might help also.

So be careful of what you eat.

You know, Mrs. Obama is going around everywhere talking about this and trying to help the kids out, especially.

So please, everyone take care of yourself.

Barbara Sue Dennis