AHS Literacy Club to become mainstream

Published 11:39 pm Tuesday, September 7, 2010

“The Andalusia High School Literary Club is on its way back into the mainstream of activities,” said senior and club President Stephanie Marvin.

She adds, “In the recent past, the Literary Club has not been actively engaged in our school, but that is going to change.”

Stephanie Marvin and Jacob Peak hold up a sign encouraging students to join the Literacy Club.

Marvin worked hard over the summer creating various workshops and fundraisers for the students and the library at AHS.

She identifies the primary goals for the club this year.

First, the club wants to get students more involved with reading.

Everyone recognizes the importance of reading within everyday life.

Even using the Internet requires reading.

Keeping current of friends’ social statuses means reading what those friends write.

The Literary Club wants to encourage students and teachers to read beyond academic requirements and those daily activities.

One way they will do this is by offering book teasers via the morning announcements.

Another planned activity is a monthly “dinner and a book” event hosted by the Literary Club which will spotlight various local authors and their works as well as student readings. Activities such as these encourage students and teachers to be lifelong readers.

A second goal for the Literary Club this year is to collect donated books for student use. With pro-ration continuing and affecting all aspects of education, there is little-to-no money for new book purchases in the school library.

The club will help make community members aware of the collection need and will organize book collection days.

Finally, the Literary Club wants to bring back an old time favorite, “Impressions.”

The Andalusia City Schools student literary magazine has not been in print for some years now. And, though print may not be what comes of the project, the club members see a digital alternative as viable.

Students will begin work this week planning the publication of their literary and artistic works through this magazine.