Local artist sharing talents with world

Published 11:41 pm Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Call it eclectic, abstract, unique, funny – you name it and Gregory Davis probably has a painting like that.

Davis, who lives between Andalusia and Opp, has been painting for as long as he can remember, but only recently decided to share his paintings with the world.

Gregory Davis puts the finishing touches on one of his recent paintings in his home studio.

He is a self-taught artist, who describes his work as heavy with lines and texture and is “just for fun.”

“I was at Camp Victory when I first decided that’s what I really wanted to do,” he said of when he figured he wanted to be an artist.

And since then, he’s been painting for his own enjoyment, until he joined the Opp Cultural Arts Council, and is this month’s featured artist in Anderson’s Home Oxygen window.

Davis has a total of 17 paintings on display at Anderson’s and four in the OCAC gallery.

“They are mainly folk art,” he said. “I do different stuff. Sometimes I do clays and even wood carvings.”

Davis said for the most part, he paints from memory, but occasionally uses photographs.

“I always have ideas running through my head,” he said. “I do thumbnails, so I don’t forget. Some of it is hunting and fishing.”

Davis said he also does illustrations.

“I’m hoping later on to bring a book out to share my illustrations with everyone,” he said. “The paintings on display is one of my first attempts to publicly show my work.”

Davis said he hopes people enjoy his work.

“My stuff is varied,” he said. “From farm tractors, goofy stuff, flowers and even serious stuff.”

Davis paints from his utility room, but has big plans when he retires.

“When I retire, I plan to keep right on doing art,” he said. “That’s what I’m setting up for.”

Davis said he travels to galleries when he goes out of town and collects ideas for a possible gallery or studio.

“When I visit my son, Chris, in New York, I like to talk to the artists on the street,” he said.

“These are my plans when I feel the time is right.”