Brantley KOs Florala

Published 12:51 am Saturday, September 11, 2010

Florala went into Friday night’s game knowing it would be a tough one to win, facing the No. 1-ranked Brantley Bulldogs and missing head coach Chris Buckler who is battling pneumonia.

Twenty seconds into the game, the Wildcats knew it would be a tough night when Brantley’s Devonte Porter returned the opening kick-off 75-yards to score. The point-after was good, and Brantley led, 7-0.

Austin McNeill looks for a receiver.

Less than three minutes later, the Bulldogs’ Zach Johnson outmaneuvered the Wildcat defense and took the ball in for a second Brantley TD. The point after was good, bringing the score to 14-0.

Florala had a tough time advancing against Brantley’s rock-solid defense. First downs were few and far in between for the Wildcats, resulting in numerous punts. With 8:43 left in the first, Florala’s Austin McNeill threw a pass intended for Hunter Oswalt. Unfortunately, Brantley’s No. 24 had something else in mind when he intercepted the ball and ran it in for another Bulldog touchdown. Brantley kicked the ball perfectly through the uprights, taking the score to 21-0.

After a failed first down attempt, Florala punted the ball, and with 4:05 remaining in the first, Brantley’s Justin Arnold completed a pass to Zeth Johnson who took in to the end zone for their fourth touchdown in the first quarter. The point-after was good, and the Bulldogs were up 28-0. With only seconds remaining in the first period, Brantley’s quarterback connected with Zach Wiley just after the buzzer. Wiley took the ball 35 yards for the TD. The Bulldogs missed the PAT, and were up 34-0 at the end of the first.

Three minutes into the second quarter, Florala’s Alex Bofonchik recovereds a fumbled punt return and ran the ball for 40 yards. Brantley retaliated with Porter scoring at 4:05 in the second followed by a failed point-after attempt.

Florala failed to gain a first down, forcing a punt to the Bulldogs. Brantley’s Johnson scored with 2:39 left in the second. This time the PAT was good, and Brantley was up 47-0.

Early in the third, Brantley’s Reed Kilcrease intercepted a McNeill pass intended for Jonathan Burleson. Kilcrease returned to the 30-yard line. Wiley then scored on a 25-yard run. The kick was good and the Bulldogs were up 54-0.

With 4:50 left to play in the third, Florala’s Bofonchik, sacked the Bulldog quarterback, pushing the Bulldogs back 10 yards. Wildcat Brandon Russell intercepted Brantley’s pass on the five-yard line, preventing the Bulldogs from scoring. Zac Fleming, with a power play, then took the ball 20 yards down the field. Florala’s McNeill connected with Burleson for a 20-yard gain at the end of the third.

The shortened four quarter (8 minutes) resulted in multiple turnovers and no score.