Citizen: No to new taxes, purchases

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I received my bill from the Andalusia Utilities, on Mon., Sept. 20, 2010, and found a letter stating that the citizens of Andalusia were going to have to pay higher utilities fees.

The Utilities Board is not elected, but appointed by the mayor and city council, so I am addressing these elected officials.

What’s going on in the Andalusia mayor and city council offices? They have taken several millions of dollars off the tax rolls during this administration’s time in office.

They report that this is “progress.” Show the citizens the progress. So far, no new businesses for the new industrial park in the city. This was privately owned and should have been paying taxes.

How much tax revenue has the city lost?

Now these same officials have purchased a private home, stating that “too many historical sites have been lost.” Examples given were the demise of downtown. All of these buildings are privately owned, and when does the city bail out privately-owned real estate with taxpayers’ dollars?

The house in question is a good example of not looking out for the well-being of citizens in Andalusia. The mayor states the house could be used for Christmas parties, Easter egg hunts, weddings, etc. How much revenue will these functions generate and over how many years?

I voted for Mayor Earl Johnson because he stated he would work for the citizens of Andalusia and be progressive.

There is a difference in being progressive and having “follies” with taxpayers’ dollars.

How much revenue for taxes will the city of Andalusia lose from taking several millions of dollars off the tax rolls?

Being a citizen on a fixed income, like many Andalusia citizens, I do not need higher utilities rates, fees, or taxes in this time when the city, state and nation’s economy is at rock bottom, but need a mayor and city council that will govern with prudence and return to conservative ideals.

Please Mr. Mayor and City Council, heed our cry. Be a governing body for the people and come back to being conservative.

No new rates, fees or tax increases. We, the citizens of Andalusia, can only bear so much mismanagement.

F. Allan Wiggle,