911: Show us an address

Published 12:01 am Thursday, September 23, 2010

When an emergency strikes, people call 911; however, local emergency personnel are having an increasingly difficult time locating the residences at which E-911 address numbers are not posted.

Kristy Stamnes, county 911 director, said all residents – whether inside a city limits or the county jurisdiction – must have their address posted either on their home or on their mailbox.

“When disaster strikes and you need help, (911) is here to get you that help,” Stamnes said. “When you call 911, we need to know three things – what your emergency is; who you are and where do you live. Next, that address must be posted and visible so emergency personnel can find you and get you the help you need.

“In emergencies, time is of the essence,” she said. “And time spent searching for a home is time lost when responding to an emergency.”

Stamnes said addresses should be displayed using reflective numbers, preferably 2 1/2- inches in height.

“That’s a good visible size,” she said. “If your home is right next to the road, we prefer it to be on the side of the home that is visible from the road. It’s OK to put it on the mailbox as well. We just ask that if your mailbox is away from your home or in a group of other mailboxes, make sure (the address) is on the house.”

Stamnes said the postings are a large “concern” right now.

“Now is the perfect time, with fall starting, to make sure when you’re out doing those household chores, check your address,” she said. “Make sure all the numbers are visible from the roadway. If you don’t have your address posted, now is a great time to get it done.”