Raising flag issue could help some win

Published 12:00 am Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dear editor:

The candidates for Alabama governor and lt. governor will win that follow the example of Haley Barbour, who came from behind to unseat incumbent Mississippi Gov. Ronnie Musgrove, by repeatedly advertising Musgrove’s opposition to the Confederate Battle Flag.

The Washington Post named Haley Barbour as the most influential Republican in America today, followed by Sarah Palin.

Kay Ivey, the candidate for lt. governor, must merely expose Jim Folsom for removing the Confederate Flag from Alabama’s Capitol without allowing the people to vote on the issue.

The overwhelming swing vote in Alabama’s November election is the rural white vote, which can easily be received by using a Confederate Heritage issue, as did Haley Barbour.

The candidate for governor will win, who promises to replace the war over slavery lie that is now written in the Governor’s Confederate History Month Proclamation with the historical truth about Lincoln’s war to collect taxes, written below, which will also help unite Alabamians by reducing strife between blacks and whites.

Gov. Haley Barbour does not have the war over slavery lie in his Confederate History Proclamation and recently criticized governors who do.

Roger Broxton