Opp’s new jobs good news for all

Published 1:36 am Saturday, October 2, 2010

A $50 million U.S. military contract for a Selma-headquartered company means 60 jobs in Covington County.

American Apparel’s Opp facility expects to recall 45 workers who’ve been laid off, and likely hire an additional 15 people. That’s not just good news for Opp, that’s good news for all of Covington County.

The contracts are for combat and military uniforms for the United States Marine Corps and United States Army. For the Marines, American Apparel will produce a fire-resistant combat shirt and trouser to be used in combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

For the Army, the company will continue to manufacture combat coats with the Afghanistan-specific multi-cam camouflage pattern as well as a field coat liner.

American Apparel has 1,300 employees at five locations in Alabama, including Selma, Opp, Oneonta, Centre and Fort Deposit.

Hiring is expected to begin later this month.

We congratulate American Apparel on the success.