The team ‘Mom’

Published 12:01 am Friday, October 8, 2010

Mother knows best.

For the past six years, Andalusia senior Penny “Lu” White has known exactly what it takes to be a “mom” when it comes to the Lady Bulldogs volleyball team.

“I’m the mom on the team,” she said.

In her role as team manager and statistician, White said she always has what the players need, “whether it’s Band-Aids or somebody doesn’t have money when we eat.”

And she couldn’t be happier serving the team that she loves.

White said if there was one year she remembers fondly as being one of the best, it was her junior year.

“That was the year they won the Andalusia tournament,” White recalled.

In that season, the Lady Bulldogs defeated Kinston for the first time in school history under head coach Angie Grimes.

White said she has known Grimes for eight years, and under her tutelage, she’s learned a lot.

“I grew up a lot,” she said. “When I’m at the school, Ms. Grimes is like our mom. She keeps me on my grades, and keeps me on the simple things.”

When asked if there was a phrase or quote that she will always remember from Grimes, White said it’s hard to forget.

“She always says, ‘suck it up, and put your big girl panties on,'” she said.

Upon graduation, White plans to attend the University of Alabama, where she hopes to become a team manager for the Crimson Tide volleyball squad.

She is the daughter of Natalie Brundidge and Marcus Jones, both of Andalusia. In addition, she has three brothers, Marcus, Johnnie and Ethan Jones. Johnnie and Ethan Jones are currently playing on the football team.

“I’ve sacrificed a lot for these girls,” White said. “I love them, and there is no other place than I’d rather be.”