Candidate was compassionate

Published 2:08 am Saturday, October 9, 2010

I recently underwent two islet cell transplants in an effort to become insulin independent after nearly 50 years with Type I Diabetes. The second one was a complete success, but the first one almost resulted in my demise.

My 911 call at 1 a.m. on a Saturday, introduced me to Wilson “Eddie” Rowell, who I later found out was running for the position of county coroner. As my body tremored and I was suffering from shock and severe dehydration, he gave me IV fluids, while we were still in my driveway. Eddie then stayed with me throughout the night in the ER. The next day he accompanied me via ambulance to Emory Hospital in Atlanta, over five hours away. He prayed for my recovery, as he provided emergency care, all along the way. I feel that it would be a great benefit to the community to have a compassionate, as well as medically qualified, Coroner, whose primary goal is to save lives. I ask you to join me on Nov. 2, in electing “Eddie” Rowell as coroner.

Carol L. Moreau, D.S.