Is America still free?

Published 1:43 am Saturday, October 16, 2010

My fellow Americans,

This nation in which we live has given us the most luxury, peace and freedom that any nation in history has ever been able to provide for her people. Yet, every last one of us takes it for granted. Even if we try, we cannot help but take her for granted. For none of us have lived long enough to have seen first-hand the suffering from where we came from. Nor do we realize what un-imaginable cost it took, in terms of the sacrifices made by our forefathers, to give us these lives.

Only a few generations ago our great-grandparents or perhaps their parents found it worth the cost. And so they gave up their lives and homes in Europe and made the then-perilous journey across the great ocean to this then-unknown and un-developed land just so they could escape governments that denied them their basic freedoms. Countless thousands of brave Americans have literally given their lives and been slain just to be able to give us this freedom.

We are so much better off than the entire rest of the world, and yet we remain unaware of how good we have it. All of this prosperity and freedom won’t continue for much longer though.

All that America stands for and all that makes her so great is at risk of being soon destroyed! Not by any foreign enemy, though. The greatest threat to America is the giving away of all that makes her great.

So many of our freedoms have already been handed away, many that we don’t even know of yet. And, that’s right, I said “handed away,” not taken away. We hand our freedoms away to our government one at a time, always in the name of something good like making our neighbors better neighbors, or in the name of making people protect the environment, or in the name of ensuring safety from different things, sometimes even from ourselves. It’s always something that will make our lives a little more predictable, a little bit safer, a little less risky, making sure that our neighbor isn’t allowed to interfere in our lives in any way.

The problem is, one day we wake up and we have given all our freedoms away. We can’t even excel or succeed in business because there’s too much regulation and taxation. Think I’m just being hypothetical and this won’t happen to us? Just look around, its already happening now! Every day, on the national scale and even in our towns and communities the government is getting bigger. This country is becoming socialist so fast we haven’t even had time to learn what the word means.

The people that built this great country looked to God to lead them, and to save them from their problems. Now, instead, we look to our government that’s growing bigger and bigger and controlling more and more things and we are welcoming it! Meanwhile, we have all but completely turned our backs on, and forgotten the God of our grandparents and forefathers.

This country’s freedom and prosperity were not built on socialism. When I grew up that was a terrible word, it was nearly synonymous with communism, fascism, tyranny and dictatorship. Do you realize that both of the greatest enemies in American history, the Soviet Union and Hitler’s Germany, were socialist countries! Socialism will destroy what made this country so prosperous, and everything we stood for. Yet today I’m hearing the word “Socialism” talked about in media as though it’s a good thing that will save us! America used to be the “land of the free.” Study it for yourselves, don’t be known as the generation that gave the last free nation in the world away to oppressive National Socialism. Wake up America! Before it’s too late.

Michael Frank